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The Daily Chop: The Braves are finally NLCS bound, minor league contraction, and more

The weekend is for letting optimism creep in for the path ahead and for reflecting on what this team has done in 2020.

MLB: NLDS-Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

After extensive and careful data collection and reviewing hours of footage and witness statements, I can say with certainty that we all didn’t dream it...the Braves have won back-to-back playoff series and are going to be facing the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. 2020 is truly the strangest timeline.

Look, we don’t have to remind you how special these sorts of playoff runs are regardless of whether this is a shortened season or expanded playoffs. We all saw where everyone was noting that the Braves hadn’t advanced past the NLDS since 2001. There is an entire generation of Braves fans that only know of the 1990’s glory days as notes in a history book and haven’t been in this position before. It’s awesome.

It is so awesome, in fact, that it inspired Demetrius to reflect on what he wrote after the Braves blew another opening round series last year and talk about what it means that this team flipped the script and changed the narrative that had surrounded the organization for the better part of two decades.

Sure, there is more work to do...but for now, enjoy and savor this weekend. This is a rare thing and you never know how long you will have to wait for the next time.

More Braves News

Talking Chop Podcast Episode 251: On to the NLCS

There is a lot of preview content coming on the site for the upcoming NLCS against the Dodgers, but we are going to give this podcast where Brad and Eric discussed what went down in the NLDS and looked ahead a teensy bit to the NLCS a push to hold you over until more of that content starts dropping over the next couple of days. It is still surreal that the Braves absolutely dominated a playoff series.

Minor League Baseball’s Contraction and how it impacts the Braves

One story that, outside of the excellent reporting over at Baseball America that you should definitely be supporting if you can, has been glossed over with the playoffs and the state of the world is minor league baseball’s contraction and MLB exercising increased control over minor league operations. Garrett breaks down how the changes impact the Braves organization and things to watch going forward.

2021 MLB Draft Preview: Recapping Future Stars Series Hitters

We know a lot of you love drat coverage and no one loves draft coverage as much as Matt Powers does. Matt takes a look at how the Future Stars series went down and gives a rundown of the hitters he is keeping an eye on.

MLB News

Hall of Famer Whitey Ford passes away at age 91

2020 has been an unbelievably crappy year for losing baseball legends. We had already lost Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, and Lou Brock this year and now we get the news that Whitey Ford passed away at the age of 91 Friday. 2020 just sucks.

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