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The Daily Chop: Braves unable to withstand Dodgers, ending their incredible season

The Braves were incredible this season, but it wasn’t enough.

MLB: NLCS-Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The season is over. If you want to take solace in the overachievements of the Braves, go right ahead. If it makes you feel better that Mike Soroka, Ronald Acuna, Adam Duvall, and two or three others should be healthy for the next go-round, that’s wonderful. All I can see at the moment is another letdown that was preventable if the offense showed up in the final three games. It didn’t and the Dodgers will play in the World Series instead. Regardless of injury, bad luck, or whatever else, the Braves were one win away from advancing with three chances to get there. They responded in typical Atlanta fashion, which, fairly or unfairly, has become all too familiar. Enjoy the offseason.

Braves News

Braves come up short in 4-3 loss in Game 7 to Dodgers

It had that feeling from start to finish. The Braves squandered opportunities, made mistakes, and let the best team in baseball hang around. That eventually cost them and now they’ll watch from home as the Dodgers head to the World Series.

A good season for the Braves will either end tonight or continue into glory

As always, Demetrius brings some perspective on the state of the season. This was published long before first pitch, but the facts within still ring true.

MLB News

Seager (5 HRs, 11 RBIs) wins NLCS MVP


Bellinger blasts go-ahead HR, then struts

Still in orbit.

Mookie flies high to rob Freeman of HR

Two more feet and it’s gone. Did that happen? Nope.

Superman tag starts wild DP for Dodgers

All-out, hardcore BARVES nonsense on this one. How does this happen?

Happy News

Baseball is just a game. The Braves will play again in 2021. Time is a flat circle. Pick one and try to be happy.

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