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The Daily Chop: Braves set to take on the Marlins, Bob Gibson passes away

The Braves now know their NLDS opponent. It is a familiar face.

Wild Card Round - Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves - Game Two Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Once the Braves swept the Reds in their opening playoff, it feels weird and awesome to type that...the next big thing that everyone wanted to know is who they would be going against in the second round of the playoffs between the Cubs and Marlins.

Well, we have our answer and despite the fact that no one picked them to make the playoffs, or get that close for that matter, the Marlins dispatched of the Cubs yesterday to send them to the NLDS to face the Braves.

Objectively, Braves fans should be pleased with this development as the Braves had a winning record against the Marlins this year including winning four of the last five. The Marlins have also pretty severely outperformed their run differential of -41 this season, so they are a bit lucky to even be in the playoffs.

However, we all know the story of Atlanta sports and we all have heard the meme that the Marlins have never lost a playoff series, so some are still understandably nervous. For the moment, though, it is perfectly reasonable to be optimistic, too.

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Hall of Famer Bob Gibson dies at 84

Bob Gibson’s performance and presence on the mound is the stuff of legends and he was truly one of the the giants of our sport. Unfortunately, his battle with cancer came to an end yesterday as he passed away at the age of 84.

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