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MLB FanPulse: Voters still optimistic about 2020 regular season

How long the season will be and when it might start are still difficult to answer.

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Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Thursday should have been a day of celebration as the 2020 MLB Season was scheduled to get underway. Unfortunately, circumstances involving the coronavirus pandemic has forced a delay and at this point we can’t be sure when, if or what the 2020 MLB season will look like.

The entire situation was the subject of this week’s FanPulse questions that went out earlier this week. The results show that most Major League Baseball fans remain optimistic with 77 percent of voters saying yes there will be a season in 2020. I have to agree, as bleak as things have looked throughout the last few weeks, it just seems that we can get past it and have a season.

Which brings us to the next question and it is one that is really hard to answer at this point. How many games will be played? Given the amount of time that has already passed while factoring in that players are likely to need a second phase of Spring Training we are looking at a significantly reduced schedule. Fifty two percent of FanPulse voters think that the 2020 season will be 90 games or less with 38 percent voting for the 91-120 game length. I think Major League Baseball would need to seriously incorporate doubleheader’s to get anything above 90 games at this point and anything more than 120 just doesn’t seem likely.

Additionally, a majority of FanPulse voters do believe that if games take place, that fans will be allowed into the stadiums. It is worth mentioning that this question didn’t ask whether fans would be allowed into stadiums for all games but rather for any. There is a chance that the season could start with empty stadiums but that still sounds like something that the league wants to avoid if possible.

Finally, when can we expect to have real live baseball back? Thirty eight percent of FanPulse voters selected June with 35 percent saying July. Again, I think this is impossible to really predict at this time given the uncertainty of the situation but June does seem to be in play. I think the grim thought might be that if games can’t start by the beginning of July then we may be looking at a missed season which I really don’t want to think about at this time.

That is it for this week. Let us know what you think in the comments below. FanPulse voting will continue hopefully throughout the 2020 season so get on board and head over to this link to get signed up!

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