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MLB FanPulse: What are you missing most without MLB?

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This week’s FanPulse voting centers again on what we are missing the most about baseball and what lengths we are willing to go to to see it return. Major League Baseball has tried to fill time by broadcasting and streaming classic games on various outlets such as the MLB Network and YouTube. That has certainly been an enjoyable exercise but it falls way short of watching the game live.

When asked about what fans are missing the most just under 80% responded with having a game to watch every night. I agree with this and it is something that I often take for granted. While watching a 162 game season play out may sometimes be a grind there is something comforting in knowing that a game is there just about every night to be consumed.

Earlier this week, a rumor was floated that Major League Baseball was considering a plan that would include the World Series being played a neutral site in a warm weather city most likely in mid-November. When asked if they were ok with that scenario, 73% of FanPulse voters responded with yes.

The results weren’t quite as strong when asked about whether there should be neutral-site games throughout the playoffs but 61% still responded with yes. I don’t really see how we can utilize a neutral site for the World Series and not for the playoffs. Potential November playoff games in New York or somewhere like Minnesota could be rough.

We have also heard a lot of talk this week about a plan where the league would at least begin the season playing games exclusively in Arizona which would essentially be neutral site games for everyone but the Diamondbacks. Seventy percent of our FanPulse voters were ok with that scenario.

That is it for this week. Let us know what you think in the comments below. FanPulse voting will continue hopefully throughout the 2020 season so get on board and head over to this link to get signed up!

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