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Braves guarantee pay for all employees through end of May

Atlanta is the first organization in baseball to make this commitment to its workforce.

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For millions of fans across the world, the absence of baseball and the uncertainty surrounding its near future is a frustrating and unfortunate development, despite obviously being the right decision in response to the seriousness of the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, there is a specific group of people that baseball impacts on a larger scale, due to the fact that an MLB franchise is their livelihood. This group is not limited to players, coaches, and front office personnel. This extends to those that make sure the day to day operations of the Braves and Truist Park run as smoothly as possible at all levels. For many of these individuals, the absence of baseball could mean an unexpected and unfortunate life change if their income were to be impacted. Fortunately, the Braves made an appropriate and necessary decision on Saturday to delay, and hopefully prevent, that reality from occurring.

Per Kiley McDaniel of ESPN, the Braves notified all of their workforce, either full-time or part-time, that they would be fully compensated through the end of May. As of now, the Braves are the first known MLB franchise to make this commitment through the end of next month in support of its employees. Though this is the obvious and right thing to do, it is not a commitment the franchise had to make. Admirably, they made it clear that they firmly stand with and support their workforce to navigate these trying times together.

Hopefully, other organizations will follow suit in quick fashion. Though we as fans certainly support and cheer the players on a daily basis, it is important to remember the individuals who work long and unconventional hours to make our experience as fans as wonderful as possible. It is even more important for those individuals to know they are supported by their employer. The Braves have certainly made a point to stay consistent in showing that support. In a time where the world needs as many positives as possible, these gestures have a lasting positive impact that impact the lives of many.

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