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Greg Maddux leads COVID fundraiser, Gives $54K for 54th Birthday

Maddux is adding to three charities, and asking for help.

2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend

Of all the best qualities that Greg Maddux possesses, it is luck. And no, not because his sparking career 3.16 ERA is slightly lower than his 3.26. He carries it with him throughout his life. His childhood nickname was Nate Luck. He was at dinner once in Vegas, paying $150 for the meal. Then walks over to a blackjack table, and immediately wins his money back from the house.

Well, he is about to make three charities very lucky.

The tweet says up to $54,000. However, if you go to the GoFundMe page, you can see this quote from Maddux:

All funds will be split evenly between Rady Children’s Hospital, Feeding America, and Candlelighters. I will personally take the funds from this page and combine them with my $54,000 donation to then distribute to these 3 organizations.

Rady’s Children’s Hospital is located in San Diego, where Maddux purchased a home in 2017. Feeding America is helping to feed the 37 million facing hunger in the US (and many more now). Candlelighters For Children With Cancer supports families battling pediatric cancer. Maddux has been a supporter Candlelighters since at least 2011. Chris Glavine, Tom’s wife, has been a champion of childhood cancer causes.

Braves fans are lucky to have Maddux. We are especially lucky to have a prankster on our side as well.

The way that disease affects people is almost a sick joke. It hides inside the healthy, stays alive on surfaces for days, causes everything from skin reactions to death. Maybe we need a lucky prankster on our side. Somebody capable of rear-ending other player’s rental cars and other various jokes he pulled. Maybe our prankster will come along, only holding a COVID vacuum and a vaccine.

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