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Braves Classics will rewind to the first game at SunTrust Park at 4pm ET

Is it really a “classic” if it’s three years old?

San Diego Padres v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

For those of you hungry for livestreamed, historical baseball, the Braves have kind of got you covered, so long as “historical” means “from any time in the past.” Which, I guess, it really does!

See below for a virtual flier:

See this link for links to where the game can be watched on YouTube and Facebook (why). (Yes, see a link for links, deal with it.)

I won’t spoil the game just in case you want to let the obliteration of memory give you thrills as you re-watch it, but just know that it featured the visiting San Diego Padres, that the lineup featured Nick Markakis at cleanup, Adonis Garcia sixth, and Jace Peterson in left field batting eighth, and that late in this game, there was the appearance of the relief pitcher slash cryptid Kevin Quackenbush.

The game will presumably go up at 4pm ET.

For my money, the “classic” should have been Dan Uggla’s epic grand slam game from 2014, or perhaps a Greg Maddux start, to join in on MLB Network’s celebration of The Professor’s 54th birthday.

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