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Monday open thread

And Question of the Day

2020 Red Sox Truck Day Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Good evening all. This is your Talking Chop open thread for Tuesday. You are free to discuss anything, but here is what I want to do tonight. I will ask a question of the day and try to come up with a caption for the lead picture. The question of the day is why is your username what it is? I will go first.

I am ABsinceWayBack because my two favorite sports teams are the Atlanta Braves and Alabama. The “since way back” part is that I feel old in my industry and on the internet. My earliest memories of sports start in 1982, and wasn’t really paying attention until 1985. I also didn’t want to tie my username to a player because your impression of that player can change. Like John Smoltz or Chipper Jones would be fine, but Jeff Francoeur maybe less so. Also, “Sam Holbrook’s Bookie” was taken.

My caption would be “hey where do you want all these cameras?”

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