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Wednesday open thread

How you doin?

Jennifer Grey with Matt LeBlanc Photo by Bill Nation/Sygma via Getty Images

Good evening all. This is your Talking Chop open thread for Wednesday. You are free to discuss (just about) anything in any thread. But I will ask a question of the day. The question is this: how are you? How are you making it right now? Have you selected a Korean League baseball team? Maybe a Bundesliga team?

I will go first. My wife and I are working from home and watching our toddler for the last month. So I have not had the boredom that some have experienced, even though I miss live sports. Other that that, I was ticked that you couldn’t buy green beans for three weeks which is what helps me control my weight. My solace is that I know that the stashes of cans of green beans, beets, and carrots will eventually make it into a poor, hungry person’s stomach. But in the meantime though, how about hooking up a food bank, hoarders? Other than that, things are smashing.

I always wondered why Matt LeBlanc’s career had no legs outside of Friends. I mean, I know that’s like asking what a player accomplished after winning 2 MVPs. But I wonder why he didn’t have much of a movie career. Of course, when your first headline role is co-starring with a baseball-playing chimp, maybe there was nothing there.

So how’s it going? We’re worried about Braves Country. So let us know if you like. Or maybe explain Matt LeBlanc’s career to me.

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