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Thursday open thread

While the NFL actually conducts a draft, would you like to change the MLB one?

June 11 2011- In a strange moment of the game, Yunel Escobar #5, argues with home plate Umpire Mark Photo by David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Good evening all. This is your Talking Chop open thread for Thursday. You are free to discuss (just about) anything in any thread. But I will ask a question of the day. The question is this: how would you change the MLB amateur draft and international signing process?

One of the these hopes from the Braves’ brutal, heavy-handed punishment in 2017 was that MLB would improve its international signing process, perhaps by implementing a draft. It was hoped that a draft or changing of the rules would provide more transparency. The opportunities for back-channel deals would be lessened, and teenagers would not be brokered. But none of this was ever addressed. MLB allowed more access to international players in 2018, which maybe helps some.

This week, the Red Sox were slapped on the wrist for their cheating-aided championship. In 2017, the Braves lost a third-round pick for telling a joke. Is this ok or can the MLB improve their rules and punishments?

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