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Braves Flashback/Recap — Quick Check-In

Anything that should be done differently?

Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

If you’re still here — hello!

Over the past month, as a sanity-maintaining and orderliness-of-time-enforcing measure, I’ve put together a series of flashbacks/recaps, covering a Braves game that falls on the same date as the post from the 2001-2019 seasons. As there’s no game on today’s date (April 30), I thought I’d do a quick check-in instead.

The 2020 Braves would have played 33 games through today, starting on March 26 and with just a couple of off days in April before this one. As such, this series has covered 31 games so far — it wasn’t possible to do any games on March 26 or 27, as those would have been the earliest Braves games in history. Across those 31 games, we’ve covered:

  • 16 of 19 possible seasons, with the exception of 2010, 2013, and 2015. Four seasons were visited three times (2001, 2005, 2009, 2018).
  • 13 Braves wins and 18 Braves losses. This was not deliberate, and was somewhat an artifact of many Braves teams in the current millennium not going ham early in the year.
  • A decent spread (about 50-50) of games where I mostly just had to write text, and games where there was a fair bit of video provided.

So, given that, I basically just have an open-ended question. I’m going to keep doing the flashbacks/recaps. Is there anything format-wise that I should change? Are they too long? Not long enough? I kind of just made up the sections when I did the first one, are there other things you want to know and/or things you don’t care at all about? Should I use some criteria for choosing games that is different than the one I’m using now? Like, are there too many losses being covered?

(As usual, I’m using an algorithm to pick games. The algorithm focuses mostly on the closest/most exciting game, though there are some other things built in to prevent it from choosing only extra-inning games or 2-1 nailbiters/etc. I don’t have to use this algorithm, or any algorithm, it’s just something I came up with.)

Would you prefer just a link to the Baseball-Reference or Fangraphs box score and a brief description? Maybe you want something else altogether, such as a summary of all games played on this date during the target seasons, instead of a focus on any one game?

Anyway, since I’m not writing one for April 30 given the would-have-been offday, that’s my ask. Either way, there will be another flashback/recap on May 1, when the 2020 Braves would have continued a three-city road trip with a visit to Citi Field.

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