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Braves change ticket refund policy for the better

The Braves did a good thing regarding their ticket refund policy.

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With the loss of, at the very least, the first two months of the season’s games, one hot topic has been how to handle ticket refunds. Many had maintained the position that the games, in theory, could be played but that they would just be delayed which created some complications for partial refunds of season ticket holders (since the games could, again in theory, still be played). We have also already seen sites like StubHub come under fire for how they have handled refunds (even though some of those refund policies were set by teams and outside of their control) and such vendors have been pleading for financial help given the state of the professional sports scene.

What we hadn’t heard much about was the Braves’ plans for how to handle refunds. There has been a lot of smoke regarding a shortened season and what that would look like. It looks like those plans are far enough along that the Braves felt comfortable enough to change their ticket policy to reflect the likelihood that a lot of these games that were going to be played at Truist Park are not going to be made up with fans in attendance.

While this decision does SEEM late given that a lot of people could have used these refunds when unemployment spiked, one can understand where the team was coming from especially if the season was just going to be delayed. The noteworthy part of this policy is that it only applies to home games that were going to be played in April or May and that future refund decisions are going to be made on a month by month basis. Also, for those that choose NOT to get refunds, you can use that plus a 10% credit towards home game tickets during the next two seasons. That is an interesting way to help keep some of that ticket revenue while giving fans some value for having to wait.

Overall, this refund policy covers 26 home games for the 2020 season, but its fair to think that more games will be covered soon especially if the league completely nixes games with fans in attendance and/or this plan for restarting the season in Arizona, Florida, and Texas comes to fruition.

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