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The Daily Chop: MLB reportedly exploring return in empty Spring Training parks

However, the proposed plan has plenty of hurdles that would have to be cleared.

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Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

For the last week we have started to hear details of what Major League Baseball is considering in regards to the 2020 season. The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal added another option on Saturday when he reported that MLB is considering playing games in empty spring training parks while quarantining all 30 teams.

MLB is prioritizing public health as it examines all possibilities, sources say. The season, at least initially, could be played in Florida or more likely Arizona, where spring training parks are more concentrated. But the logistics of quarantining 30 teams in one area would be extremely complex and potentially controversial, sources say, requiring local, state and federal government cooperation and resources that might be necessary to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

This plan doesn’t come without its own problems though. Not only would baseball need to protect the health of its players and club personnel but would also have to make arrangements for umpires, television production personnel, hotel workers, bus drivers and the list could go on and on. It simply doesn’t seem like a workable situation even if they received clearance to move forward.

Braves News

Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos spoke during Friday’s Braves’ “At Home Opener” stream and revealed what many had been thinking all along. Both Austin Riley and Johan Camargo were playing so well during the initial stages of spring training that it is likely both would have made the Opening Day roster.

Saturday’s Braves flashback traveled all the way back to April 4, 2001 when the Braves scored a comeback win over the Mets.

The Braves will stream several classic games on their YouTube and Facebook pages throughout the month of April. Jason Heyward’s Opening Day home run from 2010 will air on Sunday 7 p.m. ET. Other games will include the 1974 contest in which Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth, John Smoltz’s last win as a Brave and more.’s Richard Justice put together a list of the all-time best Rookie of the Year winners at each position. Craig Kimbrel was named as the best reliever after recording 46 saves as a rookie in 2011.

How many games does MLB need to play to have a meaningful season? Our FanPulse voters answered that and more on a potential 2020 season.

More MLB News

Major League Baseball relaxed some scouting restrictions in a memo to teams on Friday according to a report by ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel. Scouts can now contact amateur prospects using electronic communication and can gather data and video on players but remain barred from attending in-person workouts for tryouts. Relaxing the restrictions was necessary in order to allow teams to continue to prepare for the upcoming draft.

This is a great write up on one of the most impressive home runs of all time when Darryl Strawberry hit the roof at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

Stay safe everyone!

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