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Mike Foltynewicz clears waivers, outrighted to alternate training site

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Looks like, at least for the moment, Folty is still in the Braves organization

Atlanta Braves v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Well, this took a bit of a turn.

There were no shortage of folks that were genuinely surprised that the Braves took the step to designate Mike Foltynewicz for a assignment earlier this week. Don’t get us wrong, his velocity has been steadily trending in the wrong direction and the latest decline in his stuff has been, well, steep. Combine that with whispers that he hasn’t responded to the situation well ultimately led to a situation where the Braves’ decision made a lot of sense in a vacuum. However, this is still a guy that started playoff games just last year and isn’t that far removed from an excellent MLB season and being considered a premier young arm. That the Braves were willing to pull the plug on him after just one start this season caught a lot of people off guard.

Now, we have a new wrinkle since many thought that Folty was essentially a lock to be claimed by someone on waivers.

The biggest news here is that despite what many expected, Folty is still in the Braves’ organization although he is no longer on the 40 man roster. The Braves had been adamant that they weren’t planning on releasing Folty outright, many just assumed that the team was going to be able to find a trade partner after he was inevitably claimed off of waivers and his team with the organization would come to an end. Obviously, that did not happen.

More interestingly, though, is that no team claimed Folty at all. In a year where teams are losing pitchers left and right from injuries and COVID infections, that no team claimed him speaks a lot to his current stock in the league. Right now, he looks quite thin and with the dip in velocity and just the quality of his pitches, he doesn’t look the part of a major league pitchers. However, that no team thought enough of him to take a flyer on a guy with major league experience is pretty wild.

For now, Folty heads back to the backfields in the hopes of recovering what he has lost on the mound. As for the Braves, they can continue to try to fix him while also letting the big league club move on to other options in the rotation.