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Talking Chop MiLB Roundtable: Impact Prospects for 2020

Does Cristian Pache, Tucker Davidson, or one of the other top prospects have what it take to get Atlanta over the hump

MLB: Atlanta Braves-Workouts  Patrick Weigel delivers a pitch for the Braves in Spring Training John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Another prediction game for the Talking Chop crew. We have many exciting prospects on the horizon, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how well they’ll do. They likely lack the instant jolt that players like Mike Soroka and Ronald Acuna Jr. gave upon their promotions, but are the prospects the Braves have good enough to make an impact down the stretch and help lead this team into the playoffs.

Of the Braves prospects that we have not seen in Atlanta which one(s) do you think will have the biggest impact in Atlanta over the rest of the season?

Wayne: Whomever can get through a lineup twice. I don’t have that answer.

Gaurav: Tucker Davidson in an opener role.

Aaron: If he’s back to his 2016/2017 form, I’d have to say Patrick Weigel. I watched a few games last year and his fastball didn’t have the same velocity, but his secondaries looked quite good. There was definitely some improvement in the slider. On top of that, Weigel is around the strike zone. Tucker Davidson still has bouts of wildness that will likely lead to some struggles, though I want to see him. Gaurav might be right in how best to use Davidson in the short term - as an opener. Just have him go two innings or until he’s through the order once.

Matt: Cristian Pache. He just looks ready. Watching him adjust to the steady stream of fastballs from Josh Tomlin to take one off the top of the left field wall during the intra-squad scrimmage showed you what you’re dealing with. Power, speed, and a feel to make adjustments during an at bat, and that doesn’t even mention his elite glove. It’s also easy to pick him because he is the one guy likely to see nearly locked in playing time.

Eric: Based on pure talent, the answer should be Pache. However, given the issues in the rotation, it is the first guy that sticks there and I think that guy will end up being Tucker Davidson although my confidence in that guess is low. The Braves just need some level of consistency in the rotation and whoever gives them that might end up as the team MVP this year.

Garrett: I think Pache will be the best player from a pure value standpoint, but the biggest upgrade is going to be whoever wins a rotation spot. My bet is on Tucker Davidson at this point but so much has gone wrong I can’t even begin to guess who actually steps up.

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