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Braves vs. Nationals, August 18, 2020: Game Thread and Discussion

Well, this has been an eventful pregame media cycle.

Atlanta Braves v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Well here we were with all of our lineups set and the expectation that we were set for the same boring bottom third of the lineup and the hope that they could actually run into a ball to contribute. Instead, we got word that the Braves’ top prospect, Cristian Pache, was being called up in surprise fashion. We don’t have any official word regarding a lineup change, but Mark Bowman is already floating that he could make his debut this evening.


Lineups Post

The Braves are riding a three game winning streak and we could be seeing one of the top prospects in baseball make their major league debut this evening in an Atlanta Braves uniform. Oh, and the game is against one of the Braves’ chief division rivals and could go a long way towards making sure that Washington can’t keep up in the division race. If that doesn’t have you jazzed up, I am not sure what could. Join us as we talk about the game in the comments...just make sure you behave.

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