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Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals postponed due to rain

The rain has chased tonight’s game away.

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The wait to see Cristian Pache playing for the Braves has been extended until Friday at the least. Mother Nature intervened in a major way on Wednesday night and once game time rolled around, the tarp was on the field. Since we’re in a weird season that’s been heavily affected by the ongoing pandemic, one thing that’s changed from a normal season is the amount of time that’s spent waiting for the weather to clear up. In a normal year, they’d wait around for this thing to clear up around the ballpark (which probably would’ve been a while) and they’d try to get this game going soon.

This isn’t a normal year. The weather would’ve taken a while to clear up and so instead of waiting, the game’s been postponed.

The Braves will make up the game in early September, which means that both the make-up game and the originally scheduled game on that date will now be seven innings instead of nine. That’s just another wrinkle for what’s becoming an extremely wrinkled season. With that being said, you will always take a rain postponement over a COVID-19-related postponement. Still, it’s a bit of a bummer to have a day go by without Braves baseball — especially when there was a hot prospect about to make his debut. I’m not talking about the hot sauce, either.

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