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Nick Markakis joins Acuna as last minute additions to the Braves lineup

The Braves lineup just got a whole lot better.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves are all set to take on the New York Yankees tonight with both Ronald Acuna Jr. and Nick Markakis finally back in the lineup as well as Ian Anderson making his MLB debut. The Yankees, even without some key offensive pieces, are going to be a big time challenge for any pitcher...let alone one making his major league debut.

The big news for the Braves’ lineup is that Acuna and Markakis is back in it which means some pretty significant changes to the lineup that we have seen for the last week and a half or so. Marcell Ozuna thankfully gets moved back to his rightful DH spot, Acuna is put back at leadoff while Dansby and Freddie are both bumped down a spot, while Ender Inciarte and Matt Adams are taken out of the lineup altogether. Markakis will bat sixth against Gerrit Cole right behind Travis d’Arnaud.

It is safe to say that this lineup is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the one the Braves were running out there.

For the Yankees, the bad news for Braves fans is that Aaron Judge was activated before the game. Judge looked like the frontrunner for the AL MVP before he was sideline with a calf injury, so lets hope that he is a bit rusty this evening.

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