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Braves circling on free agent catcher J.T. Realmuto, per report

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Signs of life!

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals - Game Two Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

After weeks of inactivity, the MLB offseason is finally starting to show some life. The Atlanta Braves struck early this winter with the additions of Charlie Morton and Drew Smyly, but have essentially remained quiet since. That may be about to change as the position player market has started to move in recent days. Rumors are at least beginning to circle.

FanSided’s Robert Murray reports that the Braves are among the teams that have expressed interest in free agent catcher J.T. Realmuto.

The Phillies have reportedly offered Realmuto a deal in excess of $100 million so it is still hard not to see them as the front runner currently. Atlanta is also notoriously tight lipped when it comes to conducting free agent business so that is worth considering with this report. It feels like this might be out there in an attempt to spur the Phillies to up their offer, but lets allow ourselves to dream for the moment.

Pairing Realmuto with Travis d’Aranud would give the Braves the best catching tandem in the league. You could essentially play both every day if the DH does remain in the National League. Realmuto has also spent some time at first base and could potentially spell Freddie Freeman there on occasion. It could work, but I am going to stop short of fully believing it.