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The Daily Chop: Remembering Hank

On Friday, everything stopped when it was announced that

MLB: Hank Aaron Tribute Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you are looking for a rundown of all of the latest Braves free agent rumors, this isn’t going to be the Chop for you. For one, there isn’t anything new to report with the rumor that the Braves are keeping tabs on JT Realmuto being the only free agent rumor regarding the Braves we have seen in, well, a while.

The bigger reason, though, is that the news that Hank Aaron passed away on Friday morning has dominated the news and likely will be something that will impact a lot of things related to the Braves for the 2021 season.

For a lot of us here at TC and across Braves Country really, the loss of Hank hit really hard. He transcended this small section of fandom and having him leave us felt like a total gutpunch. Demetrius talked at length in a must-read article about the impact that Hank had on baseball and its fans and how he is deserving of all of the love he is receiving.

That wasn’t all of the Hank Aaron reflections we had on the site yesterday as we had a collation of all of the reactions around the league to Hank’s passing, Cory McCartney reflecting on what made Hank an icon for Atlanta sports and baseball as a whole, as well as a Talking Chop special podcast featuring yours truly and Brad Rowland talking through our thoughts and reactions to the news.

I wish I had more comforting things to say. Yesterday was awful and today will likely hurt nearly as much. I can say that tomorrow will be a little easier and as the days go one, the hurt will subside. Just try to live Hank’s example of love, kindness, service, perseverance, strength, and humility. Remember what he meant to all of us young and old. Be like Hank.

MLB News

In other news around the league, the Padres keep causing a ruckus as it sounds like Jurickson Profar is reuniting with the Padres on a three year deal. Profar can play all over the place which is a nice piece to have on a roster that is already loaded and really just needs to have a passable backup plan at a few positions.

It also sounds like the Mets may be interested in Jackie Bradley Jr. after being unable to lock George Springer up. Not exactly the earth shattering move that Mets fans were hoping for when Steve Cohen bought the club, but its something.

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