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Braves News: Standoff on Sixth Year in Freeman Talks?, Managers of the Year, Plus More

For a Freddie Freeman extension, the term may be more critical than the amount.

MLB: World Series-Atlanta Braves at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With each passing day, a bit more seems to be emerging about the current state of Freddie Freeman’s future. This information is not anything new or that is not already known, but it also seems to be sensible information as to why an agreement is not in place yet. The new development from Tuesday is that the term of the contract may be even more critical to getting something done than the actual amount.

While the overall amount of the contract in terms of dollars is the more headline-grabbing aspect of any potential deal, the length of the contract also matters in Freeman’s case. Both the Braves and Freeman have a legitimate reason to either want or hesitate from giving that sixth year. For Freeman, its having as much security for as long as possible that is much deserved. For the Braves, its avoiding giving too much future payroll to a player who will likely decline midway through the contract.

The age 33 to 34 regression cliff for first baseman is clearly a real and valid trend in baseball. Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, and Joey Votto received big extensions that will take or have taken them through their 30s, and each contract has looked like a clear mistake multiple times in recent years. However, when it comes to Freeman, his situation is simply not one that Atlanta should take a stance on to correct market trends. He deserves more than the Paul Goldschmidt extension, and for the player and person that he is, that matters as well. Plus, for the Braves, its not as if they are committing to Freddie for the next decade. If six years is the term, Freddie will likely remain somewhat productive into his late 30s.

While common sense must exist on many levels, the most prevalent level is the one that highlights the Braves are looking to win more World Series titles in the near future, and Freeman is a big boost to those efforts. There is more than enough reason to get the deal done with that sixth year, and hopefully trusting time and talent will work everything out for the best.

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