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Braves News: Seiya Suzuki To Be Posted, Thanksgiving Week Arrives, Plus More

Though the holiday season may be upon us, that usually could lead to plenty of transaction activity in baseball.

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While its hard to believe time continues to move as fast as it is, we are nearly three weeks past the Braves winning the 2021 World Series (in case you have not heard.) While there have been a few major signings and small trades over the past ten or so days, there are still plenty of dominoes, including some pretty impactful names, to fall in place. One driving force for plenty of potential activity is the threat of a looming lockout beginning December 1st.

This could make this Thanksgiving week even more eventful than most. Every year, Thanksgiving typically is a very busy time of year when it comes to the MLB calendar, especially for speculation and rumors. With a strong chance there may not be a Winter Meetings this year, perhaps more actual activity will occur this year than over the past few off-seasons. While there may not be any moves on the level of past Thanksgiving headlines that included players such as Curt Schilling, Carlos Delgado, or Hanley Ramirez, some significant movement could certainly occur.

For instance, though nothing official will likely happen in the coming days, one of the more interesting and potentially valuable free agents will be able to start talking with teams starting today. Once Seiya Suzuki can negotiate with teams, the outfield market could be one area that sees some notable signings over the next several days.

Braves News

  • Sunday was certainly another slow news day, but Talking Chop continued to churn out its latest player reviews on both prospects and free agents to be, including Chris Martin.
  • Truist Park has now been in existence for five years, and has experienced everything from a name change to World Series victories. Doug Turnbull of the AJC offers a bit of insight and opinion on the traffic setup experience during the postseason.
  • Brad Rowland and Eric Cole are back with another fun episode of the Talking Chop Podcast, looking at the arrival of Manny Pina, the delayed return of Freddie Freeman, and much more.

MLB News

  • The Sweepstakes for Seiya Suzuki officially begins today. Suzuki will be available to sign this morning, and teams will have until 12.22.2021 at 5 P.M. eastern to sign him.

Though it may be an unexpected avenue, with the Braves having a need for outfielders and Suzuki’s production in Japan and perceived level of talent, Atlanta could certainly explore the market for the outfielder.

  • After the Braves signed Manny Pina, the Brewers had an opening to fill behind the plate.

They quickly added catcher Pedro Severino to their roster on Sunday as Omar Narvaez’s new partner behind the plate.

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