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Adam Duvall reportedly declines mutual option

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2021 World Series Game 6: Atlanta Braves v. Houston Astros Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Outfielder Adam Duvall is one of three Atlanta Braves players that had some sort of contract option for the 2022 season. Duvall signed a one-year deal with the Marlins last offseason contained a mutual option for $7 million in 2022. That means that both Duvall and the Braves would have to agree to exercise the option or pay a $3 million buyout.

Craig Mish reported Thursday afternoon that Duvall has declined his mutual option for next season.

With the season Duvall had in 2021, he should not have any trouble finding more money on the open market if he makes it there. Mish also reported that Duvall is arbitration eligible and the Braves can tender him a contract. If they elect to do so, then they could continue to negotiate with Duvall up until an arbitration hearing where his salary would be set. MLB Trade Rumors projects Duvall for a $9.1 million salary through arbitration.

That was a scenario that I didn’t discuss in our roster breakdown from earlier today because it was unclear whether or not Duvall was actually arbitration eligible. The Braves were in a similar situation with Chris Martin a couple of years back. It appears that we now have our answer and Atlanta will have 14 arbitration eligible players.