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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 333: 2022 lookahead and holiday mailbag spectacular

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Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

2021 is winding down and, for the Atlanta Braves, it was certainly a year to remember. Not only are the Braves the reigning World Series champions, but Atlanta’s fan base was left with memories for a lifetime, and the ongoing MLB lockout can’t take them away. To that end, the Talking Chop Podcast is back with a lookahead to 2022 and some mailbag questions to pass the time during the holiday season.

TC’s Brad Rowland and Scott Coleman discuss the following on this late December episode:

  • Peeking at the 2022 roster, at least as it stands right now
  • What do the Braves still need whenever the lockout ends?
  • Mailbag questions about Freddie Freeman, who might replace him if he leaves in free agency, and the potential flexibility of the infield
  • A look at the “perfect storm” that was the 2021 playoff run
  • What was the better trade for Atlanta: Justin Upton to the Padres or Shelby Miller to the Diamondbacks?
  • Holiday movies!
  • Much, much more

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