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2021 MLB Season Predictions: National League Award Winners

Atlanta Braves v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Our final installment of our 2021 MLB season predictions is our picks for the National League award winners. Let us know what you think below.

Who will win NL MVP?

Scott: Ronald Acuna Jr. puts everything together and goes nuclear.

Eric: I already picked Ronnie to be the MVP of the team and I think the Braves will be one of the best teams in the league, so he is my pick.

Daniel: Ronald Acuna Jr. lights the world on fire and wins MVP.

Ivan: Jacob deGrom collects an entire universe worth of Mets-ing and channels it into his pitching prowess, once again setting off “should pitchers be able to win the MVP” debate.

Kris: Ronald Acuña Jr. goes 40-40 and wins his first NL MVP trophy.

Brent: Francisco Lindor, just in time for free agency.

Shawn: Freddie Freeman goes back to back with a super strong second half

AB: Ronald Acuña will edge past with his 40/40 season.

Dillon: Juan Soto puts up video game numbers over a full season, earning his first MVP despite the Nationals only winning 83 games.

Wayne: I think the race comes down to Juan Soto, Francisco Lindor, and RAJ. I know I picked Freeman to be the Braves MVP, but I think the pizzazz and 40/40 season gets Acuna the NL MVP.

Demetrius: Juan Soto. Acuña is the overall better player, but I think that Soto’s numbers at the plate may end up being so crazy that the voters have no choice but to give him the hardware.

Gaurav: Ronald Acuña Jr. He stays healthy and falls just short of a 40/40 season because he hits too many homers and doesn’t give himself enough opportunities to get that 40th stolen base.

Matt: Juan Soto beats Fernando Tatis Jr. Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acuña Jr. both end up in the Top 5, but it’s a clear two man race. If there is a sleeper it is Corey Seager.

Who will win the NL Cy Young Award?

Scott: Jacob deGrom is out of his mind and plays in a huge market.

Eric: deGrom is the smart bet, but I’ll go with Buehler here. Plays on a great team and I think he becomes more the face of that rotation as Kershaw fades. Think it takes Bauer some time to acclimate.

Daniel: Jacob deGrom is not human, so I’ll predict him to win it over another strong challenge from Yu Darvish.

Ivan: Dude, what if deGrom won MVP but not the Cy Young? Duuuude.

Kris: If he stays healthy, it is Jacob deGrom’s trophy to lose.

Brent: The trophy refuses to budge from its new home, as Luis Castillo keeps it in Cincy.

Shawn: Jacob deGrom feels like the strong favorite that I feel will end any discussion by the All-Star break.

Dillon: deGrom is the second-best player in baseball and this award is always his to lose.

Wayne: Jacob deGrom suddenly has a team that can get him 20 wins. Considering he’s won a Cy Young with 10 and 11, that makes him a lock.

Demetrius: Jacob Anthony deGrom.

Gaurav: If I can say “Lol, Mike Trout” to AL MVP I can say lol, Jacob deGrom.

Matt: Yu Darvish. As good as he was last year, put him in San Diego and I think he reaches the next level. My second place guy is Walker Buehler.

Who will win NL Rookie of the Year?

Scott: Ian Anderson. Why not?

Eric: I honestly think Ian is the most likely guy to win from the Braves’ roster, but I will go with Ke’Bryan Hayes. He is legitimately nuts.

Daniel: I’ll join Eric in taking Ke’Bryan Hayes, although Sixto Sanchez and Ian Anderson should both put up strong years.

Ivan: I’d take Hayes, yeah, but if someone wanted to argue convincingly for Sixto Sanchez, that’d work too.

Kris: Ian Anderson proves that 2020 wasn’t a fluke and takes home the trophy.

Brent: Dylan Carlson, as one of the few things to go right for the disappointing Cards.

Shawn: Based on him having every opportunity he can handle, I feel Ke’Bryan Hayes talent will shine through enough for him to be the clear choice by August.

Dillon: Ke’Bryan Hayes is the only reason to watch the Pirates this year. He wins this award easily, putting up huge counting stats while posting over 5 WAR.

Wayne: Ke’Bryan Hayes, and since he’ll probably be responsible for 85% of the Pirates wins himself, expect him to get some MVP votes as well.

Demetrius: Ke’Bryan Hayes is gonna show how much of a stud he is while we all complain about how he has to do all of this for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Gaurav: As everyone else has pointed out - Ke’Bryan Hayes. Wanted the Braves to draft him when he was eligible. He’s put in his time, has progressed, and it’s his time to shine. Complete player.

Matt: Ke’Bryan Hayes over Ian Anderson and Sixto Sanchez because hitters get an edge in voting.

Who will win NL Manager of the Year?

Scott: Dave Roberts as the Dodgers go 162-0. I’m joking … I think.

Eric: Jayce Tingler. I think he ends up giving the Dodgers a bit of a scare and that ends up being enough.

Daniel: I really have no idea here, so I guess I’ll go with Craig Counsell as his Brewers bounce back to win the division.

Ivan: This is such a weird thing to predict, because it’s basically trying to predict who will be at the helm of a team that most outperforms its expectations… while being biased by your own expectations. Craig Counsell and his sub-.500, three-way-tying, division-winning Brewers. Either that or Don Mattingly, who won it in 2020, which is still hilarious to me. What a terrible award.

Kris: I think Snitker will always be in the running for this but Dave Roberts wins it in 2021.

Brent: Don Mattingly, because this award is now and forever stupid.

Shawn: Craig Counsell seems to be a pretty fun pick, and I feel he can manage his pitching enough to win the NL Central and the award.

Dillon: Craig Counsell. I have no idea what criteria is used for this award, but maybe winning that miserable division will be enough?

Wayne: Closes eyes. Throws dart. Snitker it is.

Demetrius: Yeah, after Mattingly won it last year, there’s no telling who’s gonna win it. If the Padres topple the Dodgers then Jayce Tingler would be a no-brainer.

Gaurav: Uhhhh….Jayce Tingler.

Matt: Dave Roberts as the Dodgers are in for a big year.

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