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The Daily Chop: Fried cleared to return, rain ruins Braves fun

Max Fried’s season got back on track after a brief pause.

MLB: NLCS-Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Braves News

Braves spring training game against Rays gets rained out

If you came here looking to get caught up on what happened in the Braves spring game on Saturday, my condolences. The Braves-Rays matchup was indeed cancelled due to a weather event known as “Florida” in some circles. Hopefully the rain doesn’t continue to alter the Braves’ spring plans.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Braves minor league preview and what to expect in ‘21

Just another refresh of the R2A podcast returning to form with a 2021 season preview including who we could see making the majors, who we like and don’t like, etc. It was fun getting Wayne Cavadi on the show despite him being knee deep in D2 college sports action.

Introducing the Cristian Pache ‘Prospects to Pros Collection’ from Breaking T

Our friends at Breaking T make great products and this Cristian Pache t-shirt is no exception. If you decide you need said sure, we would appreciate it greatly if you used this link in order to get it.

Max Fried cleared to return after exposure to COVID-19

Max Fried had to be held out of camp for a bit due to being exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 recently. However, after getting the negative test results he needed, he rejoined the Braves camp and should get his first start of the spring after he throws a side session. It does sound like Sean Newcomb may have to be held out of a similar reason, however.

MLB News

Astros to sign Jake Odorizzi

The Astros went full heel when it was announced that they cheated extensively using trash can bangs to relay stolen signs. However, they still very nearly got to the World Series last year with everyone hating them. To bolster their rotation, they grabbed Jake Odorizzi on a surprisingly decent deal.

Trevor Bauer was pitching with one eye shut because of course he was

Trevor Bauer was one of the best pitchers on planet Earth last season, but he is also a bit of a troll. Case in point: astute watchers of his spring appearance noticed that he was throwing pitches with one of his eyes shut. Was it bothering him? Nope, he was just doing it for funsies. Bauer is a weird dude.

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