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Max Fried leaves game with cramping in his left hand (UPDATED)

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MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As the title suggests, Max Fried left Monday’s game in the 7th inning with an unknown injury. This news comes on the same day as Huascar Ynoa, arguably Atlanta’s best starter so far this season, was announced to be out for a couple months after breaking his hand punching a bench in frustration yesterday. Prospect Tucker Davidson is set to start tomorrow with the Ynoa news.

Fried did not go back to the clubhouse after exiting the game, and was instead remaining in the dugout talking with his teammates. This could suggest that the injury is not very serious and just a minor tweak that warranted extreme caution with Fried, given the situation with Ynoa and Soroka, and that Fried himself has a fairly extensive injury history. Fried appeared to be flexing his hand right before coming out, so it’s possible that his hand was just seizing up a little bit and it’s nothing more. We’ll certainly have to hope it’s nothing serious.

UPDATE - The Braves announced that Fried was removed as a precaution due to cramping in his left hand.