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Road to Atlanta Podcast: May Braves MiLB Mailbag Episode

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Eric and Garrett sat down for some listener questions.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Atlanta Braves Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Road to Atlanta is our weekly podcast where we discuss all things minor leagues and prospects for our beloved Atlanta Braves. We have relaunched the podcast and it can be found in the same stream with the Talking Chop podcast, so if you subscribe to have easy access to R2A as well. Episodes will go live (most of the time) every Sunday evening and will cover a wide range of topics including top performances from the previous week, deep dives into specific prospects or topics, and lots of sweet guests.

This week Eric and Garrett took viewer questions and answered them. Topics ranged from the glory of Low-A baseball and how Augusta has looked this year, the meteoric rise of Spencer Strider, and our staple topic Michael Harris. We looked ahead at how the Braves may handle some tough roster decisions and trades, checked in a bit on Kyle Wright, and the early season performances of some prospects. It’s a long one, so sit back, relax and enjoy the fun as we delve deep into the system this week with our usual passion for minor league baseball. I am so glad to have this back.