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Atlanta Braves select Dylan Dodd in the third round of the 2021 MLB Draft

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The Braves, at least we think, went underslot in the third round and took one of the better underslot players in the draft.

Syndication: LafayetteIN Nikos Frazier | Journal & Courier

With the 96th pick in the 2021 MLB Draft the Atlanta Braves have selected Dylan Dodd, a pitcher out of Southeast Missouri. Dodd is a 6’3, 210 pound pitcher that hits and throws left handed. Dodd, who is already over 23 years old, has never been drafted before and will likely represent an underslot deal as he is an older player for the class without much leverage.


Baseball America - 184

Perfect Game - 322

Pipeline - 177

Fangraphs - N/A


The Athletic/Keith Law - N/A


2021 - 15 G/15 ST, 96.2 IP, 3.72 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, 120 K, 17 BB

Scouting Report

Fastball - 55

Dodd has a potentially above average fastball from the left side that hits as high as 96 MPH and has good movement on it, however it is more the second best pitch in his four pitch mix.

Curve - 50

The curve is an average pitch for Dodd.

Slider - 50

Dodd has an average slider.

Change - 60

Dodd’s best pitch is, or could be, his changeup that has flashed as a potential plus pitch and just needs to add a little more consistency.

Command - 50

Strike throwing isn’t a big problem for Dodd who is able to land his fastball and change for strikes.


Dodd has the makings of a backend starter or at the very least a usable lefty reliever. He doesn’t have a ton of upside, but he does have a high floor.

Thoughts on Pick

This is a pick all about saving money as you take a player as a “senior sign” higher than where their talent would indicate for bonus pool reasons. Dodd is a solid underslot type of pick and an actual useful arm.