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Last day of All-Star Break open thread

Also the Red Sox-Yankees game got postponed

MLB: American League at National League Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So, I was going to have the body of this post talk about how baseball is kind of back, with the Red Sox and Yankees squaring off tonight as the lone game on the slate... except now that game’s been postponed due to some kind of COVID-related issue, so it’s a full-on All-Star Break for everyone, I guess.

It’s actually somewhat amusing in retrospect: Yankees and Red Sox players complained that they were unfairly subjected to a shorter break because of the schedule forcing them to play today, while everyone else got four days of reprieve. Yet, here we are, with the Yankees having some sort of COVID-19 outbreak warranting a postponement, so everyone gets a break (kinda-sorta) after all.

So, while there’s unfortunately no baseball to be gleaned today, the Braves will be back in action tomorrow, as they attempt to walk their ever-narrowing tightrope through the 2021 season. It’ll be Charlie Morton versus Michael-Wacha-and-probably-a-bunch-of-other-guys on Friday night, so stay tuned.

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