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ESPN’s latest 2021 mock draft has Braves taking RHP Michael McGreevy

Our second mock draft of the day has the Braves taking a college righty yet again.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We are officially in the thick of the busiest part of the mock draft season with the 2021 MLB Draft just a few days away. It is worth noting yet again that mock drafts are largely a thought exercise, especially after the first 10 picks or so. So much can change pick to pick even in a draft with clearly defined tiers of talent which the 2021 class is definitely not, so by the time the Braves pick at 24, it is largely an educated guess.

That said, we have seen the Braves connected to a lot of the same names this spring/summer and ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel has the Braves taking a couple of familiar names.

For those without Insider, Kiley has the Braves taking Michael McGreevy, the RHP out of UC-Santa Barbara, with the 24th overall pick in the draft who stuff has ticked up this year and put him firmly in the first round conversation and who is being looked at in the middle of the first round. Kiley also notes that the Braves seem to be hoping for Will Bednar to fall into their laps, but that does not seem likely to happen. Other names that the Braves seem to be connected to include Spencer Schwellenbach, Connor Norby, Joe Mack, Lonnie White Jr., and Frank Mozzicato.

Of note, Kiley also has the Braves taking Ky Bush, a LHP out of St. Mary’s who the Braves have been connected to for a while now, in the second round of his mock.

It is almost time, folks.

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