2012: What if?

I recognized that someone did a version of this for the 2011 Braves earlier asking what may have happened if the Braves had won Game 162 against the Phillies. The more curious question for me is about 2012.

The 2012 Braves returned 7/9 opening day starters from 2011, minus Nate McLouth and Alex Gonzalez. They hit 149 homers, good enough for 9th in the NL, and 24 less than the 173 they hit in 2011. However, they hit .247 as a team, opposed to the .243 Batting average posted the previous year. While the rotation was solid, the bullpen remained arguably the strongest point of the Braves in the early 2010s, with O'ventbrel being arguably the most dominant 7,8,9 guys in all of baseball. Freddie was staring to come into his own at the plate and Jason Heyward had arguably his best year at the plate as a Major League. Uggla hadn't fallen off yet and Hudson was still pitching at a high level. Then, of course, you had the emergence of Khris Medlen and Mike Minor. Bmacc had an off year due to shoulder injuries but still had the ability to play up to his ceiling. And of course, Chipper was an all-star in his farewell season. Overall, the 2012 Braves were a much better team than the 2011 Braves.

So this brings forth a set of pretty good questions with two possible scenarios

1. What if the Wild Card want a thing at the time and the Braves ended up facing the Nats in the NLDS, a rival who they were very familiar with? Who wins that series?

2. What if the infield fly call isn't made? There's a good chance that changes the outcome of the game entirely if the braves load the bases with one out and Bmacc hitting.

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