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Braves News: Labor negotiations continue, Andruw Jones sees increase in Hall of Fame support

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MLB: Kansas City Royals at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Representatives from Major League Baseball and the MLBPA met for the second straight day Tuesday as the league made a proposal in several key areas to the union. Reports indicate that the league proposed to raise the minimum salary for players with 0-1 year of service time and withdrew its proposals to eliminate salary arbitration for any group. The league also agreed to accept the parameters of creating a pre-arbitration bonus pool for players.

While that certainly sounds like progress, it is worth noting that both sides remain far apart in a lot of areas. On minimum salaries, the league is offering $615,000 but the players are looking for $775,000. For the pre-arbitration bonus pool, players suggested $105 million, but the owners offered just $10 million.

Yes it remains good news that both sides are talking and will seemingly continue to talk but there is still miles of real work to do. Whether you would describe the last two days of negotiations as productive probably depends on which perspective you are looking from.


Hall of Fame

David Ortiz was elected to the Hall of Fame Tuesday night by the BBWAA. Andruw Jones saw increased support finishing with 41.1% of the vote. Unfortunately, Tim Hudson failed to reach the five percent threshold and will fall off the ballot. Jones could benefit from a thinned out ballot next voting cycle as only Carlos Beltran should merit serious consideration among the 2023 newcomers.

Braves News

Tyler Matzek sat down with Rob Friedman and discussed how he beat “the yips,” his pitch grips and much more. Check out the full video.

The Braves announced Tuesday that they are taking the 2021 World Series trophy on tour with 151 stops, commemorating 151 years of Braves baseball.

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MLB News

The Angels and pitcher Daniel Ponce de Leon agreed to a minor league contract Tuesday.

The Cubs and right-hander Eric Yardley agreed to a minor league contract.