The purpose of this FanPost is basically to serve as an area for everyone to get used to Coral and its features (new and remaining), and to derp around to get a better sense of how to effectively use it. As long as people aren’t being ridiculous or inflammatory, feel free to do whatever to get a sense of everything. Additionally, I will also be using this FanPost to get a sense of what works/what doesn’t with the new FanPost format, so that we know how to use it effectively as well. As such, if this page ends up looking different through the day with new stuff, that’s deliberate.

If you can see this section, then we can confirm FanPost drafts from pre-Coral have saved over to post-Coral-implementation.

FanPosts seem to be functioning the same as before. As such, this will now be the general "Test to get used to Everything" page.

New Features Confirmed:

-Comments have a max limit of 10,000 characters

-Sarcasm font now has its own section labelled "Sarcasm"

-When embedding videos or tweets, paste the URL, and it’ll automatically ask if you want to embed the video.

-Five minutes edit time instead of 90 seconds.

-Sorting by multiple features, including oldest/newest, most recs, and most replies

-Only one picture can be posted per comment.

-Can no longer directly go to someone’s profile via their username/profile picture

-Max indent limit of four replies after the original comment for comment chains before the following reply is indented the same amount.


-You can also rec yourself.

-You can download a history of your comments going back 14 days.

-GIFs can still be posted by going through images. However, you now have an option to search through Giphy as well for a GIF that you desire.

-You can ignore other users, but you cannot ignore staff members. To undo an ignore, go to My Profile, then Preferences, then Manage under Ignored Commenters.

-Not only are signatures gone, but apparently there are zero plans to bring them back.

-You can be emailed about notifications for replies, but you have to opt into them on My Profile.

-If you were in the middle of making a comment and leave the page, the details of that comment will still be there, ready to be continued.

This FanPost does not express the views or opinions of Battery Power.