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MLB announces schedule for entire Braves/Phillies NLDS

Hope you like early playoff games, because the Braves and Phillies are set to have a bunch of them.

MLB: NLDS-Workouts Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Braves fans were decidedly less than pleased to find out that the first two games of their playoff series with the Philadelphia Phillies were going to be outside of prime time. In addition to the prevailing notion that the Braves are “cursed” in day games, parking at Truist Park during the week in the afternoons is a less than ideal situation and many fans were not pleased that they were not going to be able to watch Game One in particular because it is happening during work hours.

Well, the league announced the schedule for the NLDS and those same fans are not likely to be pleased.

Yep, all games in this series will be starting at 4:37 pm EST or earlier. As the press release noted, there is a chance that these times could change especially Games 4 and 5 if other series finish out early, but it seems likely that these are going to be the time slots. Why the Braves have to play Game 3 at 4:37 pm when there is only one other game on that day is above my pay grade.

Stay tuned, folks, as we have some Braves playoff baseball to cover...assuming you can stayed tuned depending on if you work normal, sane hours.

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