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Hot stove open thread

Friday night roster fights

San Diego Padres v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Random things, clipped from MLB Trade Rumors and elsewhere, from today:

  • The Rockies re-signed nemesis Jose Urena to a one-year, $3.5M deal. Urena produced 0.8 fWAR across 97 innings last year and is projected for 0.5 by Steamer for his age-31 season, so this seems, at first glance, a not-horrible deal for the Rockies, by the numbers. A bigger question is why you’d want to commit any resources to Urena in the first place, though.
  • Chris Bassitt will define his Qualifying Offer. This isn’t that surprising, as Bassitt should get a two-ish-year-deal with a similar AAV to the QO anyway, but he works relatively slowly (pace in the slowest third of MLB starters), and the possibility that he’d take the QO to avoid a market that looked askance at him for that reason was out there.

In separate news, I just want to do a couple more things here.

The first is to again, express bewilderment at whatever the Padres are doing, which is something I do once a month or so. I mean, seriously: they gave a reliever with less than a full season of track record a five-year deal, where, even if he repeats his past season, he will only earn about two-thirds of his salary. And that’s the first year. Two of the years the deal covers are his age-35 and age-36 seasons.

Second: if you ever thought MLB owners cared about winning more than about making more money, look no further to today’s Jim Crane-James Click saga to disabuse you of that notion. When they get up in front of press, the owners all say, “Our goal is to bring a World Series to the great city of [whatever].” They’ll say that when the context is cutting payroll, they’ll say it when embarking on a rebuilding effort, they’ll say it when they explain why they won’t cross the luxury tax threshold, assuming any reporter even gets that far. But when the Front Office does win them a World Series... they can’t even hand out more than a token raise and a one-year deal.

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