2022 Community Prospect List: Vote for #12

Ignacio Alvarez got 7 votes for the 11th spot, beating Spencer Schwellenbach (4 votes), Cal Conley (3), Darius Vines (3), and Blake Burkhalter (2).

The List So Far

1. Kyle Muller

2. Jared Shuster

3. Justyn-Henry Malloy

4. Freddy Tarnok

5. AJ Smith-Shawver

6. Owen Murphy

7. JR Ritchie

8. Dylan Dodd

9. Royber Salinas

10. Cole Phillips

11. Ignacio Alvarez

How it works

1. Anyone can nominate a player by posting the player's name in the nomination section by replying to the "Nominations here" comment.

2. One vote per person.

3. Votes are done by rec'ing the player's name in the nomination section. There is no longer a need to reply to your own nomination because Coral allows you to rec your own comments.

4. Keep the discussion out of the nomination section to make it easier for people to find the names they are looking for. Just don't reply to the "Nominations here" comment or its children other than nominating a player. There'll be a "discuss below" comment to make this clearer. When nominating, please keep the commentary separate in the "discuss below" section.

5. Eligibility issues, such as how we treat MLB rookies, are up to the community and how the community chooses to nominate and vote.

Generally rajah will post these on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule with voting open from one post time to the next. This may deviate based on availability and/or a landslide vote.

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