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Hot stove open thread

Pshh, some “hot” stove we have here

Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Another slow day for the MLB offseason as we barrel towards Thanksgiving.

That said, the Pirates claimed Lewin Diaz on waivers. Do you know what’s really weird about Lewin Diaz? I’ll give you a minute.

He... has... somehow provided defensive value as a first baseman?! I don’t get it either. Across parts of three seasons, Diaz has +7 OAA-runs. Sure, it’s a small sample, less than a single full season. But still, how is he even getting and converting enough chances to rack up nine outs above average, and seven runs?

Also, the Pirates announced they’re open to adding a middle infielder, after trading Kevin Newman to the Reds, which isn’t really funny, but that’s show business, baby.

The Phillies extended Dave Dombrowski? A minor league deal for Dixon Machado? Yeah, we’re really scraping the bottom of the cranberry sauce barrel here, folks. (Cranberry sauce is disgusting.)

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