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Hot stove open thread, 12/28/2022

What will the Braves announce tonight?

Boston Red Sox World Series Puerto Rico Trip Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Two personal anecdotes of no particular value:

First, I spent like 12 hours yesterday traveling. A two-hour drive to the airport, only to be informed when we arrived that the flight was delayed. The first delay was only about 90 minutes. In the end, it ended up getting delayed for four hours. Even weirder: despite it being late December, the delay wasn’t weather-related; pre-takeoff maintenance identified something in the departing plane that was set to arrive that warranted a tail swap. It was even worse for the people on that flight, who boarded and taxied and then had to disembark and go back to the terminal to wait more, but it wasn’t super-fun waiting for like five hours in the terminal with a three-year-old, either.

Also, the baggage claim at Logan is like the most cursed place in existence, I hate it so much. Never check bags if you can help it if you’re flying into Boston.

Second, the Braves keep announcing moves when I’m putting my kid to bed. So I’ll turn my phone off (for it to not serve as a distraction) around 8:30 pm ET, and then when I flick it on, there’s a press release and stuff has happened. Some serious night owls in the Braves’ Front Office and press crew, let me tell you.

Hope your holiday travel wasn’t as hilariously bad as mine!

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