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Hot stove open thread, 12/29/2022

What minor move will happen tonight?

Atlanta Braves v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Yesterday, I lamented that the Braves kept making moves at night, which was promptly followed by the Braves doing so not once, but twice, in the course of the same evening. So, that leads me to wonder: what do Alex Anthopoulos and company have in store for us on this Thursday night?

Which random fringe roster piece will they acquire? Any guesses?

Maybe it’ll be another extension announcement? If so, whom?

“Hard” trivia: currently, via Steamer as mapped to Fangraphs Depth Charts, there are two relievers that project for more FIP-based, leverage-weighted WAR than Raisel Iglesias, that do not project to earn more than 10 saves. Who are they?

Hint 1: they are both in the same division, and their teams faced each other in the postseason last year.

Hint 2: They combined for seven saves last year, so neither is a closer that’s gotten “bumped” by anything.

Hint 3: Both pitchers are of the same handedness.

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