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No movement in MLB/MLBPA talks, Spring Training postponement looming

Color MLBPA unimpressed

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The owners and the players of MLB met to discuss the next collective bargaining agreement this Saturday. Joon Lee of ESPN reported their progress today.

Not great, Rob.

The sides met for less than one hour to hear MLB’s latest proposal. Here are the highlights, also per ESPN:

  • The elimination of draft pick penalties for exceeding the first CBT threshold and raising the threshold in the last three years of the deal
  • Minor changes to the minimum salary structure
  • Pre-arbitration bonuses increased
  • Hand slaps for service time manipulation

In a proposal that was supposed to cover core economic issues, revenue sharing and the number of arbitration years were not changed. So the owners have nudged forward, but nowhere near an agreement with the union. Key aspects of the current structure that the players would like to see changed are unchanged.

There was no postponement announced for Spring Training yet, but that is likely coming soon. Get comfortable, everyone.

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