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MLBPA and owners to meet Thursday, per report

The two sides in the CBA negotiations are going to take another crack at talking tomorrow.

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

At this point everyone is tired of the MLB lockout. Sure, the Braves being the last World Series Champions ever would be kind of neat, but baseball fans like, you know, watching baseball and the delays in the negotiations are making it more and more likely that we will have less baseball to watch.

We have been covering how contentious these negotiations have been for a while now and you all likely know the story. Neither side trusts the other which makes good faith negotiations tough from the get-go, there is a lengthy list of issues the two sides are very far apart on, and the league and owners in particular are taking...a dubious stance overall to say the least.

However, the first thing the sides have to do is get back to the table quickly and actually start talking. Previously, we have seen lengthy breaks between proposals for...questionable reasons, so today’s news is somewhat heartening.

While you will be excused from not having a ton of optimism about the talks tomorrow given how previous negotiating sessions have gone, but a deal isn’t going to happen without face to face meetings so overall this is a plus. However, with the two sides really far apart on issues like early career compensation, expanded playoffs, service time manipulation, and...well, the core economics of baseball, you probably shouldn’t expect a deal tomorrow. However, with the players and owners getting together fairly quickly after the last proposal, it does seem like there is a tad more urgency now that spring training and even regular season games are in jeopardy.

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