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Braves News: CBA Negotiations Continue in Florida on Monday

Could a new location spark progress?


With Spring Training games already delayed and a deadline to get an agreement in place by February 28th before the actual start of the season becomes a possibility to be delayed, both the MLB and MLBPA will resume negotiations in Florida on Monday. Until now, all negotiations have occurred in New York. However, it seems many important figures will now be on hand in Florida to see if progress can be made.

With plenty of reasons for a higher level of urgency, perhaps a new location for negotiations can be beneficial. Some key figures on the players side, including veteran ace Max Scherzer, will also be in Florida training on their own. If their input is needed, it seems as if they will able to attend in person. If more individuals being together in one spot can lead to actual progress, here is hoping talks go as smooth as possible this week.

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