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MLB, MLBPA met again Thursday with no progress

A resolution doesn’t appear to be in sight.

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Major League Baseball and the MLBPA met again Thursday, but talks reportedly broke down as no progress was made. According to The Athletic’s Evan Drellich, the Players Association made proposals on service time manipulation and the draft. The new proposal would grant service time to a smaller group of players. The proposal on the draft reportedly included a seven-pick lottery but also changed other elements that would penalize teams for consecutive losing seasons.

Unfortunately, the league was not receptive to the proposal and none of the other key issues were discussed apparently. So after four days of meetings, we are no closer to baseball than we were at this point last week. ESPN’s Jess Rogers provided a sobering note as Thursday’s meeting ended early “because the sides had nothing more to discuss.”

The league through a spokesman Wednesday, doubled down on February 28 as the deadline to get a deal finished in order to start the regular season on time. If no deal is in place by the 28th, then the owners will cancel games that will not be rescheduled. The union has yet to recognize the February 28 deadline publicly.

Both sides will meet again Friday, but at this point, it is hard to see where things go from here.

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