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Owners vote to ratify new CBA!

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The owners have voted to ratify the CBA agreed upon in negotiations earlier today. The vote was reportedly a unanimous 30-0 according to’s Mark Feinsand. Details of the CBA are listed on a preliminary basis here, and we will be pushing out more detailed coverage in the very near future. Both sides must now sign a memorandum of understanding and then the lockout will be ended, allowing trade and free agent transactions to occur. We will be around tonight and in the coming days covering both CBA details and the transaction frenzy that is sure to follow.

For this season, Opening Day is likely to be April 7th, spring training games will start in a week, the full 162 games will be played, and there will be 12 playoff teams. The rule 5 draft has been cancelled for this year. Please do go and check out the details and keep an eye out for our coverage of everything in the near future as we are all excited to have the sport we love back! Let’s have a great season!

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