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MLB announces details for 2022 MLB Draft & Combine

2022 will see the return of the MLB Draft Combine!

Syndication: LafayetteIN Nikos Frazier | Journal & Courier

Now that (presumably) the Braves have gotten their major league roster mostly set in place and with the start of spring training hours away, it is time to look towards the future. While some of the rules surrounding the draft were announced when the CBA was agreed to, Major League Baseball officially announced today the details for the 2022 MLB Draft and Combine today. The draft will be continue to be a featured component of All-Star week (July 17-19), while the combine will be featured on MLB network from June 14-20.

The combine will be a collection of the “top” 300 players, alongside an additional 30 selected players. A big addition to the combine will be enhanced medical evaluation process. Another call out is that the draft will continue to be capped at 20 rounds, with the Atlanta Braves picking 20th overall. As a result of former Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman leaving in free agency to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Braves will be awarded an additional pick.