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Road to Atlanta Podcast: Matt Olson Trade and Prospect Retrospective

On this episode Eric and Garrett take a look at the prospects the Braves gave up in the Matt Olson trade and look back on an old prospect list

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Five Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This is the Road to Atlanta podcast, our regular programming about all things Atlanta Braves minor league baseball and prospects. We regularly feature recaps of minor league action, break downs of the laters minor league news, in depth looks at top prospects, and interviews with great guests. On this week’s episode our fearless leader Eric Cole is joined by Garrett Spain for a look back on a wild week of Braves news.

The blockbuster trade of Matt Olson interrupted plans to record last week, but we’re back on track this week with our thoughts on the prospects the Braves gave up in that trade and our views of the trade overall. We also take a look at the early performances of some top Braves prospects in spring training, headlined by Michael Harris continuing to open eyes in major league camp. We finish the episode off with a look at the top prospects from the 2016 season and the bold moves the crew made in the construction of our Top 25 list.

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