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MLBPA reportedly approaches MLB with offer to reopen talks on 14-team postseason

Will it jumpstart talks?

MLB: OCT 10 NL Division Series - Braves Practice Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Since the beginning of these labor negotiations, a 14-team expanded postseason has been near the top of the list for MLB owners. That was met with some resistance by the players in recent negotiations as they fear that teams will be reluctant to spend money if their spot in the postseason is assured. The union was open to some playoff expansion but settled on a 12-team format in most recent proposals.

That might be changing now as ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the union may be offering the 14-team postseason as a carrot to restart negotiations and will use it to seek more flexibility on the Competitive Balance Tax.

The CBT continues to be the biggest issue between the two sides. Everything else will likely fall into place as soon as there is traction on the luxury tax. The players want thresholds and lesser penalties while ownership views the CBT as protection for smaller market teams.

It has been clear for sometime that some form of an expanded postseason is coming. A 14-team playoff system seems excessive, but it might be what it takes to get the players concessions in other areas. There is still no timeframe for when the two sides might return to the negotiating table.

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