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Owners reportedly set to present new CBA proposal on Tuesday

The back and forth continues

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Athletic’s Evan Drellich reports that the owners will make an updated proposal on Tuesday to the players. The owners are reportedly setting Tuesday as the deadline for 162 games to be played as well as a full season’s pay and service time for the players. Of course, all three of these things must be negotiated between the two parties and cannot be unilaterally enforced, but the owners could stick to the point in negotiations. You also might recall that Manfred “cancelled” the first two series of the season last week and claimed that the games could not be rescheduled, which is obviously in direct conflict with the owners now saying that 162 games is still on the table if the report is accurate, so who knows if the owners claim that Tuesday is the deadline for 162 games to be played will be something they stick to this time.

Drellich and ESPN’s Jeff Passan report that the owners’ offer will include a Collective Bargaining Tax (CBT) threshold starting at $228 million, roughly in the middle of the owners’ last proposal of $220 million and the latest MLBPA proposal of $238 million. The bigger difference is where the CBT threshold grows to by the end of the 5 year deal, which the owners reportedly propose to be $238 million, compared to the players latest proposal of $263 million. Drellich also reports that this increase in the CBT on the owners’ proposal comes with “major strings attached” that are presently unknown.

The owners also reportedly threaten to “cancel” another week of games if an agreement is not reached on Tuesday, despite their lack of authority to do so unilaterally and the fact that they “cancelled” the first two series of the season last week and have now “un-cancelled” those games. Regardless of any claims of unilateral scheduling decisions, all must be negotiated, but a full season becomes less likely the longer the negotiations go on without a deal.

If I had to guess, I would expect that the players will reject this proposal on the basis of the CBT threshold alone, setting aside whatever the “major strings attached” end up being. Further negotiation on Tuesday and on following days (if necessary) is obviously still possible.

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